About Us: So far, a small company from the Czech Republic, where it spent 1 year on the Czech scene in the game ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2), we have recently started to support ATS (American Truck Simulator). Soon our company will celebrate 2 years since its establishment. Recently, we moved from the CZ / SK Scene to the English scene, meaning that we also support English! We try to get to the whole world and move our company even further. We are also trying to "divide" our company into several sections in the future, if we have someone who, for example, will speak French and more peoples will go with this language, then someone will be the "head" of the section and you would plan your convoys . This is how it should be done in other languages.

Our Company History: The company CTN (Czech Transit Net) was established on March 10, 2018, the founder and owner of the company Dante123, after some time the company CTN was dissolved due to the inactivity of our drivers in the company. However, after 9 months (December 10, 2018), the same founder re-created it, because he missed it a lot and wanted to try again. His priority was not to race in kilometers or statistics, but he had a clear goal to ride for fun, to recruit new colleagues for our company, to have a friendly team. Create convoys, events, contests and events with the company. Recently, the company CTN also exceeded the limit of 1 year from the day when it was founded, ie on 10.12. 2019. We would like to thank everyone who joined this company and helped it to reach the top. Thank you very much! Now we are working hard enough to move from the Czechoslovak scene and somehow to get to the whole world, so we have made quite a few changes in the company regarding the languages ​​in which recruitment will take place, new recruitment lists, we have already put this website in English. and a lot of change also applies to our corporate discord, which we hope to be able to open up to the public soon and not just to our employees.